L'importanza del post workout by Federica Colombo

The importance of post workout by Federica Colombo

In recent weeks we have explained to you why before any sporting activity it is important to dedicate the right amount of time to the warm-up phase , but there is another fundamental moment that absolutely must not be underestimated (or worse yet avoided!): the cool-down phase after every workout.

Federica Colombo , expert personal trainer and online coach, explains it to us, who also gives us some practical advice.

Cooling down is the phase in which the body is brought back to a state of calm, through muscle recovery exercises that help the body restore basic physiological parameters, reducing body temperature, heart rate and post-fatigue stress.

I believe it is very important to always perform it at the end of a workout because it optimizes recovery times in anticipation of subsequent workouts. It is advisable to dedicate at least 10/15 minutes to it, to be organized into three distinct and fundamental phases:

  • The first phase, active unloading, to progressively lower the intensity of the movement, for example by walking on the treadmill, gentle pedaling on an exercise bike or a low intensity run.
  • The second phase, relaxation, which is performed through joint and muscle mobilization exercises mainly involved in the activity just carried out. For this phase I highly recommend using the Foam Roller.
  • Finally the third phase, consisting of static stretching. If done on the floor, on a mat, it will be even more effective as well as relaxing.

Like the warm-up, the cool-down is also essential after any sport, specific workout or training, because it makes it even more effective, aware and intelligent and therefore must never be missing from your sports routine.

Our advice?

After each training session, even better after a nice relaxing shower, we recommend massaging muscles and tendons with COOLDOWN CREAM until it is completely absorbed.

COOLDOWN CREAM is specifically designed to take care of tired post-workout muscles and tendons, in fact its formula combines the draining action of aescin with the decontracting action of arnica montana and the calming action of Ylang Ylang oil.

In short, it will be your favorite post-workout ally!