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Ownership of cookies

The cookies on this website,, (hereinafter referred to as "Company") whose legal representative and contact person is recognized in Milano Ida Maria, VAT number: 11661500964, REA Code: MI - 2617657, located in Via Casoretto 32, 20131, Milano, uses cookies, some of which are placed by third parties selected by us as suppliers (i.e. third-party cookies).

The Data Controller advises users, in accordance with section 13 of Italian Decree no. 196/2003 (Data Protection Law) and section 13 of EU Law 679/2016 (“GDPR”), that this website uses cookies in order to offer the most relevant information.

The information is provided only for the Site and not for other websites that may be consulted or otherwise accessed by the user through links that may be present on this site, defined as third-party cookies, to which reference should be made later.

For any information regarding the methods and purposes of processing, as well as on the exercise of the rights referred to in art. 7 of the Privacy Code and art. 15 and ss. of the GDPR, please refer to thewebsite's Privacy Policy.

Definition of cookies

A cookie is a small data file that the internet browser creates on the user's device. In this way, a communication is established that allows the website to understand that the user has returned to visit it (and this can only please us). By storing browser settings, login and device information, the user is shown an optimized website to be more useful to him.

Why are they used and what are they? 

Sometimes we place cookies on the user's device to make the website SportLab Milano SRLS work properly.

Within the site, different types of cookies are used:

  • Strictly necessary cookies (including technical and functional cookies): used exclusively to send session identifiers (random codes generated by the server) essential to ensure safe and efficient navigation. These cookies are not stored permanently on the user's computer and are deleted when the browser is closed, being part of a temporary memory. In particular, the use of the cookie session is aimed at ensuring security and improving the service offered.
  • Optional cookies, which can be disabled by the user without affecting the performance of the website. These include: 
  • Profiling cookies (or tracking cookies):: used to track the user's web browsing and create profiles on his tastes, behaviors, choices. These cookies allow the transmission of online advertising messages to the user's device with the preferences that the same user has already expressed during navigation. In accordance with applicable laws, the use of these cookies and any related processing requires the prior consent of the user;
  • Analytical cookies: used to analyze the way our website is used (including the IP address); 
  • Marketing cookies:used to provide advertising services on certain sites  

 The use of these cookies also has additional purposes related to the user's choices, in order to remember them, such as:

  • Language and Country;
  • Browser settings and plug-ins;  
  • Storing information about the use of our website.

A different type: third-party cookies

In these cases, so-called third-party cookies are used when cookies are present, usually used for profiling purposes. This website uses third-party cookies, listed below:

  • To improve the functionality of the site and understand which elements are appreciated by the user, this site uses Google LLC as a tool, to which reference should be made for specific processing details.
  • To improve the website and understand which parts or elements are most appreciated by users, third-party cookies from Google Analytics. These cookies are not tools owned by us, for more information, therefore, you can consult the information provided by Google at the following address:
  • The pages of the website incorporate some widgets and Facebook Inc. sharing buttons to allow the user to share the contents of the website on their social channels, and to interact with our channels. These cookies are not tools owned by us, but are created respectively by Facebook when the respective widget or share button is used. To learn more, visit the following information pages: .
  • For reasons of functionality of the same site, essential cookies are those provided to the e-commerce platform Shopify Inc. The detailed policy is available at .
  • For marketing purposes, so that the user is always updated on promotions, availability and news relating to our products, this site uses a third-party mailchimp Landing Page company: To collect email addresses of interested users and provide the aforementioned services. Details on how your personal data is processed are available at
  • Technical cookies, third-party cookies linked to the presence of "social plugins" and analytics are used by this website to make the user's navigation pleasant.  

What it means for the user 

By storing user settings, for example, they also tell us which device they are using and where they are using it from. In this way we can adapt the site to offer the user the best experience, by collecting data on the activity and on the way the site is used by the user. 

Cookies can always be not accepted, except for those essential to the functioning of the site, and deleted, through the settings of your browser, even the optimization of the site could lose its quality and functions. Disabling cookies, even from third parties, does not affect navigability in any way, but reduces the functionality of the website.

It is useful to remember that most browsers allow you to browse in "private" or "incognito" mode, in which cookies are deleted after each visit, each browser names this setting differently, checking the settings of the one used by the user, he will be able to configure this mode.

For more information on your rights and how they can be exercised, see our “Privacy Policy”.

How cookies can be erase

The user can manage their cookie preferences directly in their browser, which are different according to the search tool used. 

Below are the main popular search engines and the related procedures that allow the user to understand how to manage, block and erase cookies. It is recommended not to block or limit essential cookies in order not to compromise the functionality of the site, as this could be slowed down and provide lower quality of performance.

For any doubt or information you can consult the Privacy Policy of this site or contact us at

This Cookie policy complies with the latest update published on 24/05/2018. Any changes will always be published on this page.