sport box

SPORT BOX is the perfect gift for those who love sports

Whether it's Christmas, a birthday, or any other special occasion, finding the perfect gift for a sports person is never an easy task.

What is certain is that sports enthusiasts of any age, gender and level need to take care of their body before, during and after each workout.

It is precisely for this reason that we at SPORTLAB MILANO invented the concept of #sportcare, to underline the importance of daily body care for those who practice sports, and we are convinced that giving the gift of care for your passion is the perfect solution for all athletes .

If you are looking for the ideal gift for those who love to play sports, we recommend that you take a look at our SPORT BOXES .

There really are something for all the tastes and needs of a sportsman, and you can also choose to write a personalized message to include in the box, to make your gift even more special.

Here are some examples

TOTAL WORKOUT is a kit of pre and post workout products that are very useful for example for those who go to the gym or train regularly. Contains WARMUP and COOLDOWN CREAM to prepare and cool down muscles and tendons, FEET RELAX to take care of tired feet and the much loved POWER SHOWER, the shower gel that is also excellent for hair. Furthermore, in the box there is the SPORT TOWEL, the practical towel that is essential in the equipment room or during a total body workout class.

Total Workout

The WARM & COOL is the ideal ally for a runner or padel player and for all those who do not want the most out of their muscles and at the same time reduce the risk of unpleasant injuries. Together with the WARMUP and the COOLDOWN CREAM there is the very useful SPORTBAND, the ultra-elastic band that retains hair and sweat making you enjoy sports moments to the fullest.

DOUBLE POWER is designed mainly for those who go to the swimming pool and for anyone who feels tired and dehydrated skin after a swim or workout. The POWER SHOWER and POWER LOTION combination is the ideal mix to restore the right hydration, elasticity and the feeling of well-being and freshness to your skin. With the indispensable SPORTCASE which thanks to its compact shape and waterproof material is proof of locker room splashes ;-)

SPORTCARE is the complete kit for the complete athlete. In fact, it contains the four essential products for an athlete who wants the best both in competition and in training. It is the kit loved by cyclists and triathletes because in addition to the WARMUP and COOLDOWN CREAM, and the FEET RELAX, it also contains the SLIDER, the anti-chafing cream which in a short time has become the must have for many athletes. With the SPORTCASE everything is always at hand, even when travelling!

So you'll be spoiled for choice among all the combinations on the site, for a useful and original gift!