La corsa ha il sorriso di Carlotta, o meglio di Running Charlotte

Running has the smile of Carlotta, or rather of Running Charlotte

Very followed on her blog and social channels by running and sport enthusiasts in general for her always interesting and current advice and reviews, we had the opportunity to interview Carlotta Montanera, better known as @runningcharlotte .
Thanks to her advice and tenacity, Carlotta inspires many sportsmen.

Carlotta first of all, how did the idea of ​​your blog come about?

I was in a moment of transition. I wanted to change my life and dedicate myself to my deepest self, to my desires. I worked in a large multinational company, but it wasn't my life, even though I had a great job. I need to live outdoors so I decided to find an outlet and try to change.

Has your relationship with running changed since you were a mother?

Since I became a mother, running has been my "luxury". My moment, my way of expressing myself. I determine myself as a person through running, not a mother, not a partner, but only Carlotta. As a mother I try to be present, to be there. Running makes me “be”.

Running Charlotte x SportLab Milan

You are considered a "running motivator", what does that mean for you?

Motivating to run means for me to show the true side of myself. No frills. Running puts us all on an equal footing, the more you commit yourself, the more you succeed. It's easy. Finding this simplicity motivates people. Showing it makes me a "motivator", even if I remain a coach.

What are the first pieces of advice you give to those who would like to start running?

The main advice is to start thinking about feeling good. Running doesn't make you lose weight, it doesn't make you better, it doesn't make you cool, those are consequences. Running makes us more physically efficient and consequently aware. That's why we have to do it. Without haste, discovering the potential of our body day by day.

You often combine the passion for running with that for travel, tell us.

Discovering places while running is all-encompassing. Running I seem to absorb the place inside me. All the senses expand, the eyes are filled with images, the nose with perfumes, the ears with sounds. It's a special feeling.

Running Charlotte x SportLab Milan

On the subject of travel and running, summer is approaching, can you recommend some destinations where you can combine the two passions?

Surely the seaside places are suitable. First of all the Côte d'Azur with its coastal paths. But high altitude places for training are also perfect. Mountain valleys with valley cycle paths are perfect: Valle D'Aosta, Engadine, Alto Adige.

About a year ago you met the #sportcare of SPORTLAB MILANO, which of the products surprised you the most?

I love the FEET RELAX for me now it's an ally and also the POWER SHOWER is a never again without, it has a perfume that I adore.

We thank Carlotta for the time she has dedicated to us and we wish her the best as a mother and as a runner :-)