Montagna e Sport: Un'accoppiata vincente anche in estate

Mountain and Sport: A winning combination even in summer

More and more Italians are choosing the mountains for holidays even in the summer, attracted by a milder climate, contact with nature and above all by the possibility of practicing outdoor sports, thus making holidays not only fun but also healthy.

Between trail running, mountain bike rides, trekking, climbing, you really are spoiled for choice. But if it is true that all that glitters is not gold, it is equally true that deciding to try a mountain sport requires training and adaptability, as well as adequate equipment and clothing.

So how to best equip yourself so as not to be caught unprepared?

We asked Marco Cinquantini , an Italian triathlete passionate about outdoor sports, who runs off to run in the mountains as soon as he can.

Marco Cinquantini

Marco who follows you knows you as a sea-loving triathlete, how did your passion for the mountains also come about?

I've always had a passion for the mountains, even though living on the coast my running training takes place mainly on the road. When I can, however, I escape to my "little mountains", the Monti Sibillini, to be able to run immersed in nature surrounded by enchanting landscapes.

Summer and mountain sports, a perfect combination, which however requires preparation, mind but also suitable equipment, to perform at its best and in total comfort and safety.

Let's start with clothing , how should it be chosen and what are the items that cannot be missing?

All sporting activities require brainpower and preparation, but when it comes to mountain sports, nothing should be left to chance. And if training and knowledge of the routes to tackle are essential, the choice of clothing, equipment and accessories can really make the difference here.

From headgear to sunglasses, from sunscreen to anti-chafing lotion, from the water reservoir to breathable underwear…every detail is important to be able to perform at your best.

As for clothing, I recommend always using technical and breathable fabrics. For example, I am very happy with Biotex products, and in particular as regards mountain running, my favorites are:

  • POWER RUN shorts , comfortable and breathable, suitable for any indoor and outdoor sporting activity, perfect for use on their own in the summer months or as leg warmers in the colder months.
  • INGAMBA belt , to always carry everything you need with me during running training.
  • INGAMBA gravel t-shirt , very fresh and so light that it almost seems not to be wearing it. It was born for cyclists, but is perfect for all activities that require a comfortable technical t-shirt.
  • PRO sock , soft, light and resistant, it is perfect for supporting my foot while running.

Marco Cinquantini with Sportlab Milano

Another fundamental thing, the choice of shoes. How to choose the right ones and what are the differences with the running ones?

The choice of shoe is very personal. There are many factors to take into consideration, such as the type of trails we are going to tackle, the distance, the pace and our physical conformation.

In choosing the trail running shoe, unlike the road one, particular attention must be paid to the tread, which must be suitable for the type of terrain in which we are going to use it.

I use different ones, based on "the situation" and the type of terrain where I find myself running, although I must admit that the new CASCADIA 17 by Brooks has really captured my heart.

Training in the mountains can be very demanding and tiring, which is why the warm-up and recovery phases are even more important.

What kind of products do you recommend and which ones do you use in your daily #sportcare?

Practicing activities in the mountains, and here we are talking above all about running, is really very tiring for muscles and tendons. Even more so in the summer months when we often have to deal with the heat, even if we move to high altitudes.

After a run in the mountains, I especially love using the COOLDOWN CREAM and FEET RELAX , which help me recover better by giving a very pleasant sensation of freshness.

For those who suffer from rubbing problems, I absolutely recommend the new SLIDER which is resistant to sweat and also to water. I use it for both bike rides and running trips.

Finally, suggest us some places that you prefer to better enjoy mountain sports!

Well, as I said before, I live by the sea, but I have the first mountains just over 60km away.

Mount Bova is definitely a place worth running and if you pass through the Marche make yourself feel like this maybe I'll take you running 😎.