Il problema dello sfregamento durante lo sport: cause e rimedi

The problem of chafing during sport: causes and remedies

Practicing a sport or in general doing physical activity in all its forms is a necessity for many and often a good habit, but - especially with the hotter temperatures - it can be accompanied by some drawbacks, such as annoying itching and irritation resulting from rubbing the skin with leather or with the sportswear we wear.

What is rubbing and what does it involve

Chafing occurs due to repeated contact between body parts during physical activity. The sweat generated by effort and high temperatures, as well as the water (for example from the sea in water sports) with which you come into contact very often risk worsening the situation and can jeopardize athletic performance.

The consequences of this repeated rubbing of the skin with other skin or with the technical fabric of a shirt or shorts can be of different types, from redness to itching up to irritations of varying intensity that can cause bubbles, blisters or even skin abrasions .

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Which areas of the body and which sports are affected

Contrary to what we usually think, this annoying condition can affect not only the inner thigh, but also the feet, hands, nipples, belly and many other areas of the body. We can say that all sports can, under certain circumstances described above, create chafing problems.

The problem of rubbing in the groin area and inner thigh is very much felt by cyclists. Sometimes, even with the appropriate precautions, such as correct technical clothing and wearing appropriate protections such as the pad, the prolonged friction together with the sweat can cause irritation.

Especially in summer and in medium-long distances, runners can have rubbing problems in different areas of the body, such as the inner thigh or the nipples, where sweat and contact with the fabric of the jersey often have disastrous consequences.

Obviously the same drawbacks mentioned above can affect padel and tennis without distinction (the writer is an example J ), trail running, trekking, water sports such as swimming and triathlon and many others.

SLIDER - anti-rubbing cream

How to prevent chafing problems

In order not to risk ruining a good outdoor experience, a workout or worse a competition, it is important to be sure to prevent chafing problems as much as possible.

Surely having quality and specific technical clothing for the sport you practice is essential, but often it is not enough.

The SPORTLAB MILANO research team has created SLIDER , its first anti-chafing cream for all sports.

SLIDER was born from the expertise of our experts combined with the advice of sportsmen from different disciplines who tested the product in different stress and climate conditions until arriving at the definitive formula.

The function of the SLIDER is to protect the areas of the body subject to friction by creating, thanks to the innovative non- Panthenol and Vitamin E formula, a barrier that reduces friction, preventing skin irritations and infections.

Panthenol promotes the skin's barrier function, helps relieve redness and itching and promotes skin cell turnover. Vitamin E has moisturizing, emollient and elasticising properties.

So make sure you always have the SLIDER close at hand to fully enjoy your favorite sport!