Vi presentiamo lo SPORTLAB Team 2024

Introducing the SPORTLAB Team 2024

Inclusion, Diversity, Respect and lots and lots of Passion: Here is the SPORTLAB Team 2024

Every athlete is a story, and today we are thrilled to introduce you to the members carefully selected from hundreds of applications, ready to embark on this exciting new adventure together.

They are professionals and amateurs, coming from different backgrounds, but united by the same passion : sport . In our new dream team, we wanted to bring together these sporting souls eager to share the love of physical activity, dedication and care for their bodies.

But there's more: our Team is a living message of inclusion, diversity and respect , values ​​that transcend simple sporting results.


Among them there are tireless marathon runners , like Sara and Benedetta C., courageous ultrarunners , like Eleonora, Simone, Giorgio, Yuri, Michele, Cosimo, Rossella, and agile sprinters, like Serena, Virginia, Alexandra.

Our cyclists , of which Carmelo, Alex, Daniele, Andrea and Paolo bring with them an irreducible passion for cycling, while others, such as Raffaele, Chiara, Marzia, Max, Benedetta P., and even our Elisa, blend cycling with running .

And that's not all. We have Marco, pacer and triathlete , Enrica, our swimrunner , and our two ironwomen Alessandra and Alessia.

The SPORTLAB TEAM is a varied group that embraces different disciplines and which aims to become increasingly heterogeneous and inclusive , a tangible testimony of our values ​​and passion for sport in all its facets .

But we want to add soul to this presentation. Each new entry is a precious piece: Rossella, Benedetta P., Cosimo, and Enrica, join a group that boasts stories of historic athletes such as the indomitable Troiani sisters and our Raffaele, who as a cyclist is venturing into the world of running .

To make our bond unique, we created an exclusive shirt , with a special dedication on the back. The SPORTLAB Milano blue, reinterpreted in a leopard version, symbolizes the speed, agility and determination of our team .

By wearing it, every athlete will feel the strength of belonging to an extraordinary collective project , ready to face every challenge together.

In the SPORTLAB Team section of the website it is possible to find out more about each of the athletes who compose it and the spirit that animates our team, plus by filling out the form you can apply .

We look forward to accompanying you before, during and after every extraordinary sporting endeavor .

Get ready, because this year unforgettable emotions await you.