Winter is not an excuse:  affrontare gli allenamenti nei mesi più freddi

Winter is not an excuse: tackle training in the colder months

Runners and cyclists know it well, winter is a season that puts the motivation of those who practice outdoor sports to the test.

We asked Marco Cinquantini , triathlete and friend of the SportLab Milano team, to give us some practical advice on how not to be defeated by the cold and laziness during the winter period.

“Racing in winter is certainly more difficult, especially from a mental aspect. Cold temperatures and rain often offer valid support as " excuses" to those who already have little desire to train", Marco tells us.

The truth is that exercising in the cold has numerous health benefits, and with just a few small adjustments, you can do it right.


At cold temperatures, muscles need more time to warm up. To minimize the risk of unpleasant injuries, it is therefore essential to dedicate the right amount of time to the warm-up phase, perhaps alternating activation exercises with a few minutes of stretching.

“The warm-up must be performed gradually, gradually increasing the intensity , to get our muscles ready to carry out the work we are going to face.

In this regard, the WARMUP CREAM by SportLab Milano could be an excellent ally to assist with the warm-up, because it helps activate muscles and tendons, making them more reactive".

The clothing

If it is true that to run "you just need to wear a pair of shoes", it is equally true that to train in winter it is essential to invest in technical garments that keep us warm without compromising breathability, just like those proposed by Biotex ® , a specialized Italian company in technical underwear for sports.

“In outdoor sports the “onion” mode is not contemplated. A few layers are enough, but good ones”, explains Marco.

Obviously, there is no clothing suitable for everyone because every athlete has different needs. However, when practicing outdoor sports, the chest is the most exposed part of the body and for this reason it is essential to keep it warm.

“I love the Biotex ® LUPETTO 3D , it protects me from the cold and lets sweat evaporate, and when the temperatures get even colder I wear the WIN VEST next to it, in thermal and breathable fabric”

  • The 3D LUPETTO , made with a particular 3D process that reduces the contact surface between skin and fabric, guarantees optimal moisture release and keeps the chest area warm and dry.
  • The WIN VEST , equipped with a front membrane that acts as a barrier against the wind and a rear breathability system that keeps the body dry, promoting the escape of sweat and humidity even during the most intense efforts.


During the colder months you don't sweat as much as in the summer, but it is still essential to hydrate yourself sufficiently because even slight dehydration (2% reduction in water in the body) can negatively affect the psycho-physical performance of the body.

“Keeping the body hydrated even in the cold is essential. Let's force ourselves to drink, even reluctantly, before, during and after training "

The cool down

Finally, like the warm-up, at the end of each workout it is essential to dedicate the right amount of space to the cool-down phase, especially in the winter months.

This is because it is important to gradually bring the muscles back to their initial state, thus avoiding any thermal shocks that could cause unpleasant injuries.

And at the end of the cool-down phase, after a nice hot shower, our advice is to massage muscles and tendons with COOLDOWN CREAM , our relaxing cream that regenerates tired muscles and tendons, carrying out a draining and decongestant action.

As Marco Cinquantini tells us, it is possible to overcome the cold and laziness, and face winter as a challenge to be faced with determination. With the right warm-up, technical clothing, hydration and cool-down, there are no excuses!

Face the winter with passion and dedication: no excuses !