SPORTLAB Milano a fianco dei Front Runners Milano alla Maratona di Roma

SPORTLAB Milano alongside the Front Runners Milano at the Rome Marathon


Front Runners Milano to conquer the Eternal City: for 42,195 km in the name of inclusion and sharing, with the support of SPORTLAB Milano

The Rome Marathon will be held on March 17th , one of the most prestigious challenges, a stage for different types of runners, from professionals to amateurs. Several athletes from the SPORTLAB Team are preparing to challenge the streets of the capital.

Among the friends of SPORTLAB Milano, which this year is the official sponsor of the event, there is also an exceptional group that is preparing to run in a unique way: the Front Runners Milano , who this year will accompany people in wheelchairs along the route of the marathon.

We had the pleasure of having a chat with Manuel, their Coordinator, to find out more about this initiative and their unique way of running the marathon.

Hi Manuel, nice to meet you, first tell us, who are the Frontrunners?

Front Runners Milano is the first LGBTQIA+ inclusive community in Italy dedicated to running and walking lovers. Born in 2015 by a group of friends who usually found themselves running, today, after almost a decade, we continue to carry forward the idea that running (and sport in general) should be about wellbeing and sharing, not a source of stress and discrimination. We try to put this idea into practice through the balance between the human/social sphere and the competitive one: everyone is free to train at their own pace, based on their individuality and, above all, to be themselves. We are part of Pride Sport Milano, the coordination of LGBTQIA+ sports groups in Milan, and of the International Front Runners, which brings together over 100 Front Runners clubs in the world.

How did you enter the world of SPORTLAB Milano?

I have been using SportLab Milano products for about a year (in particular the Warmup Cream , the Cooldown Cream and the Feet Relax ) and they have become my trusted allies before and after training. The idea of ​​having Front Runners Milano try the products pushed me, at the end of 2023, to send an email! I met Domenico, who was immediately very kind and interested in the project: so the collaboration began and now we wear your logo on our new t-shirts!

Can you tell us more about the initiative at the Rome Marathon and how the idea of ​​accompanying people in wheelchairs was born?

The idea of ​​accompanying people in wheelchairs to races came to fruition at the beginning of 2023, when I met Correre Oltre , the ASD with which I am currently registered. Inside them, Francesco Mininni and Andrea Albieri coordinate the “ Oltre il Primo Passo ” project which aims to push disabled people during running races. I tiptoed towards this reality and now it is part of my daily life, because the races we participate in have been the spark for creating unexpected relationships and connections. When they asked us to participate in the Rome Marathon, the yes came without hesitation! We will accompany Giulia and Luca, two wonderful guys who have shared several races with us. It will be a complex journey but full of charm and full of emotions.

What does it mean for the Front Runners Milano to participate in such a prestigious marathon as the one in Rome? And in such a special and inclusive way?

We believe that running should be pure satisfaction and freedom, both on a physical and mental level, a sort of generator of positive things, which is fueled by the driving force of the legs. Being able to transfer this feeling to our special athletes becomes a source of enormous joy and doing so in a prestigious setting like that of Rome will further amplify the wave of positivity, allowing the outside world to become more aware that there are different dimensions of running, and it is essential that all are included .

What feedback do you get when you organize initiatives of this type at different running events?

The feedback is always very positive! We often receive the support of the event organizers and always have the support of the other athletes competing. Sometimes it happens that we start a few minutes earlier than the others, and when the top runners begin to join us, there is never a lack of a smile or a nod of esteem from them. Kindness and humanity remain intact even when running at 3:30 min/km! For us it is a celebration, and anyone who shares our spirit is welcome.

Have you already planned the next challenge to continue promoting inclusion and diversity in sport after the experience at the Rome Marathon?

Front Runners Milano and Correre Oltre have formed a bond that goes far beyond simple collaboration, we support each other in order to break down prejudices and stereotypes in the world of running and in life in general. In chronological order, the next event will be the Stramilano on March 24, during which we will bring the colors of our rainbow flag to one of the most attended events in the city of Milan. Then it will be the turn of the Milan Marathon on 7 April (both marathon and relay), and several other events are being defined. In June, during Pride month, Correre Oltre will be at our side during the two events organized by Pride Sport Milano: the twinning (8 June) and the Arena dello Sport (22/23 June).

Thank you Manuel for telling us about your wonderful project, see you in Rome. We will be in the front row cheering for you!