Agnese Bonfantini si racconta sul blog di SPORTLAB MILANO

Agnese Bonfantini talks about herself on the SPORTLAB MILANO blog

New month, new article, this time the guest of our blog is Agnese Bonfantini , professional soccer player, currently on loan at Sampdoria, since she was a child she had very clear ideas about which sport to choose and from a passion it became a real job. Here's how it went.

Agnes Bonfantini

How was your passion for football born?

I approached football at the age of 6 out of pure passion. In my family they were all volleyball players but since I was a child I had clear ideas about what I wanted to do when I grew up.

What is it like to play a sport that has unfortunately always been considered masculine?

An important media evolution took place at the end of the World Cup. This has contributed and is still contributing to the growth of the movement and is allowing more and more girls to approach this sport.

How do you deal with compliments and media criticism?

It is undoubtedly nice to receive compliments, I am a person who focuses more on the positive aspects. However, I am always willing to carefully consider constructive criticism.

If you hadn't played football what would you have done in your life?

If I hadn't played football I would have ventured into the world of fashion.

Agnes Bonfantini

Who is your idol or point of reference?

I don't have a real idol, but I have deep esteem and admiration for some people: Nelson Mandela for the fight against violence and racial segregation, Pope John Paul II for spreading goodness, while within the football world I really admire American soccer player Alex Morgan.

Do you have a routine before each competition?

I don't observe any rites, I simply try to concentrate and try to give my best on the pitch.

What was the best and worst moment in your career?

An unforgettable moment was the goal scored with the Juventus shirt against Lyon at the Allianz Stadium, a goal with which I managed to remove the difficult moments I had previously gone through.

You played a match in the Italian national team, do you want to go back?

I felt a wonderful feeling, I was really very happy to have repaid the sacrifices made by my parents so that I could fulfill my dreams.

We have been collaborating for a year, what do you think of our products?

I am very satisfied with all your products. The POWER LOTION , in particular, I consider literally spatial.

We thank Agnese and wish her all the best for the next football season!