Il Massaggio in campo sportivo. La marcia in più per le tue sfide.

Sports massage. The extra gear for your challenges.

Make sure you give your body all the support it needs to manage it better not only during a workout or a race but also and above all during the preparation and recovery phases. To do this it is useful and sometimes essential to be supported by a professional with targeted massages for muscles, tendons and joints, your body will thank you.

Being close to the needs of athletes has always been our goal.
We make sure that in addition to a healthy diet, every athlete dedicates time to his
SPORTCARE, essential to allow the muscles and the whole body to be ready for any physical effort, but also to recover properly.

To those who have already entrusted themselves to SPORTLAB MILANO and also to those who have not yet done so, we always remind you that in addition to setting goals regarding muscle conditioning, every self-respecting program includes nutrition, recovery, but above all a holistic approach that manages to enclose within itself a 360° body well-being.

Your body is indeed an extraordinary machine that manages to adapt to any situation, but for those who train regularly it is essential to be followed by professionals who can prevent trauma and injuries.

In our previous articles, in particular Davide Camicioli, Serena Troiani and Francesca Cazzaniga, last interviewed by our team, told us that relying on a professional has made their sporting response better, making them even more aware of their own strength and room for improvement.


Massaggio Sportivo


Field experience transferred to our research team to study new solutions

SPORTLAB MILANO has created a professional massage version of the WARMUP CREAM and COOLDOWN CREAM, to provide industry professionals with products capable of supporting them during their daily work at the service of sportsmen of all disciplines and levels.

Together with these professionals, our research team created the WARMUP MASSAGE OIL and COOLDOWN MASSAGE OIL. Let's find out their benefits together, how and when to use them.

Because a good SPORTCARE starts with prevention

There is an ancient saying that says prevention is better than cure, and for muscles, tendons, joints of anyone (competitors and not only) who practices sport regularly, more than a way of saying, it must be a good habit to follow constantly and relying on professionals.

WARMUP MASSAGE OIL takes care of muscles and tendons in preparation for a competition or training, with a protective and revitalizing effect.

Prepares muscles and tendons for effort without reddening the skin by acting as a vasodilator.
Sweet Almond Oil gives elasticity and hydration to the skin and promotes cell renewal while Rice Oil has soothing and protective properties. The Sweet Orange Essential Oil, obtained from Citrus Sinensis Dulcis, has a calming and anti-aging action on the skin, while the Essential Oil extracted from the lemon peel has a revitalizing action.


Massaggio sportivo con dettaglio olio massaggi


The SPORTCARE of an athlete continues with recovery

After preventing any type of injury to muscles, tendons or joints, this is not the time to stop.

In an effective SPORTCARE, the right recovery times must not be missing.

They are essential for every athlete to naturally repair micro-cracks in the muscles, restore energy reserves and eliminate the toxins you produce during fatigue.

However, when you are in a period of competitions or very intense and close in time training, traditional rest times are often not enough to get back on track.

This is where the figure of the professional, the physiotherapist, comes into play again.

The COOLDOWN MASSAGE OIL cools down after a race or a workout, it acts especially on muscles and tendons, relaxing them and giving a general feeling of relief. Thanks to Alfa Bisabolol it has a calming and anti-reddening action, while Menthol refreshes instantly. A Mix of Oils that has a protective and toning effect.



At this point we just have to recommend the new SPORT MASSAGE kit, which combines the two pre and post sport oils for a complete SPORTCARE.

We trust that these tips can be useful for you, now it's your turn.