Francesca Cazzaniga, da pattinatrice a presentatrice TV

Francesca Cazzaniga, from figure skater to TV presenter

After months of talking about our products on social media, we finally have the pleasure of interviewing Francesca Cazzaniga.

How was your passion for skating born?

Francesca Cazzaniga pattinaggio


"I started skating at the age of eight in Milan (after a few years with artistic gymnastics). From a simple passion, skating has become increasingly important in my life. At the age of 14 I joined the Italian national youth team and I started touring Europe for the various international competitions. In all these years I have always practiced many sports in addition to those already mentioned, the last but not least is the bicycle".


How was your passion for cycling born?

"The bike has always been a constant in my life. I particularly approached it after graduating from the IULM Free University of Languages and Communication in the faculty of Communication, Media and Advertising with the dream of one day becoming a sports journalist. I therefore decided to undertake a 24-month internship at the editorial team of TUTTObici which gave me the great opportunity to spend these two years and then become a freelance journalist. I will be forever grateful to TUTTObici. It is my second family. I fell in love thanks to Riccardo Magrini, one of the points of reference in my life. It is a passion that I cultivate every day and I realize how lucky, or rather privileged, I am to carry out this job ".


You work for Bike Channel, what do you like about your job?

"I owe a lot to BIKE Channel, it's a beautiful reality that immediately believed in me and gave me the opportunity to conduct television broadcasts. It was always the dream of when I was a child to be able to work one day as a sports journalist on television. Often they tell me that I am a curious person but I think that to be able to carry out this job it is necessary to be curious. Passion and curiosity are two fundamental elements for me.

Francesca Cazzaniga Presentatrice di Bike Channel


What is it like to go from being an athlete to a journalist?

It is not easy to be "on the other side of the balustrade". It is easy to interview athletes after a good performance, when they are happy, in those moments everyone wants to tell their emotions, their path, the effort made, but the real challenge and the beauty comes when you have to find the right words and have the delicacy in managing certain situations that are not always easy. I like to tell the achievements of athletes and their stories. 2021 - sportingly speaking - was a magical year to tell. We have been the navel of the world for a year. We have won everything and more and there hasn't been one of those victories that hasn't been tiring, deserved. There is not one that does not have work and dedication behind it ".

You travel a lot with your work, how do you manage to combine your passion for sport with work?

"I always try - even when I'm away - to carve out time for myself and therefore to do physical activity. Maybe a walk or a short run that allows me to recharge my batteries and free my head for a while. When I'm at home instead, everything is much simpler and therefore I have my daily routine where I can dedicate myself - even just an hour - to physical activity. From the bike to the gym ".

Francesca Cazzaniga negli uffici di Sky Sport


Do you rely on professionals for your workouts?

"Yes, absolutely. I think it is important to rely on experts in the sector. I train every week with my Personal Trainer Simone Mercandelli, where I alternate training between home, gym and the park. It depends a little on the work we decide to do together. I also go to the Physiotherapist a couple of times a month (Andrea Schiavone ed) who is also in the world of sport, especially MotoGP and cycling, and he always manages to make me feel better. They are two fundamental figures for me. , at the moment, I haven't gone yet but I have a first visit planned to take care of the food aspect as well ".

How has your #sportcare routine changed since you started using SPORTLAB MILANO products?

"I became a SPORTLAB MILANO ambassador from this summer and was pleasantly surprised by the wide range of products. The sportcare routine is essential and now I have the right products to perform my workouts in the best possible way".

Francesca Cazzaniga con ACTIVE SUN30 di SPORTLAB MILANO


 Which SPORTLAB MILANO product are you most fond of?

"I get along well with everyone, especially with the ACTIVE SUN30 cream during the summer months, but after training my allies are FEET RELAX, thanks to its formula it is the ideal product to regenerate the feet after an intense workout and then there is it is the  POWER SHOWER that has three functions in one, in fact it has a rehydrating, regenerating and soothing effect".

First an athlete now a sports journalist, we just have to thank Francesca for her availability.
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