I consigli di Elena Casiraghi, specialista in Nutrizione e Integrazione dello Sport.

Advices from Elena Casiraghi, specialist in Nutrition and Sports Integration.

We met Elena Casiraghi, teacher of training methodology and functional evaluation of the athlete at the Degree Course in Motor Sciences of the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery of Pavia and wife of Ivan Risti whom we have already interviewed last month, because we find very interesting her article on 5 recovery strategies posted on her blog.
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5 strategies to promote recovery

How many races do you still have scheduled between now and the end of the year? 

“A season, this one, that who knows how many times we have imagined and that finally saw us return to breathe that crisp air that envelops the start and finish and that we had missed so much.”

What do we need, then, to keep the engine high before the autumn hibernation, without obviously giving up having fun and fully enjoying our performance?

“First of all, we will have to get to the races prepared and above all rested. Training does not mean getting tired but improving your starting physical form in complete agreement with the available energies. For this reason, rest is an integral part of a strategy that can accompany us to our next competition.” 

Elena Casiraghi

So here are five tips, to be implemented even away from the races, to facilitate your recovery.

  1. Do not overdo it seven days before the race: the week before the competition must be lighter. What does it mean? Basically, reduce your training volume by about 50%.
    To tell you all, this is a tip that comes in handy during preparation even in the absence of competitions: every 3 weeks of load, reduce the volume by 50% and keep the intensity constant. It is a useful strategy for the mind and body to regenerate and activate the process of supercompensation.
  2. Eat properly: nutrients are essential to activate the stimuli induced by training, recover or accumulate energy and repair muscle stress.


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