Bologna Marathon e Trail raccontati da Cinzia Ceccolini

Bologna Marathon and Trail told by Cinzia Ceccolini

Last May we had the pleasure of being able to participate as a Technical Sponsor in the Bologna Marathon Trail.

All the participants found the single-dose of the ACTIVE SUN 30 and of FEET RELAX, two essential allies before and after outdoor sports!

It seemed only right to tell you about this event in the best possible way, by interviewing the Project Manager Cinzia Ceccolini.

Let's start from the beginning, how was Bologna Marathon born?

The first edition of the Bologna Marathon was supposed to take place in March 2020, but one week after the event, for reasons we all know, it was canceled.

There hadn't been a marathon in Bologna for 25 years, and this was the stimulus that gave us the go. In addition, the interest of the Municipality, which immediately shared our initiative, was a great help, especially because it allowed us to bring it back to the center, thus giving all citizens the opportunity to experience it to the full.

The official period of the Bologna Marathon is early March, although in 2021, due to Covid, we had postponed it to October.

The event gives everyone the opportunity to participate, because it has the 42 km route, the 30 km one (very useful for those who are preparing for other marathons) and finally the 6 km one, for those who run for the simple fun to do it.


Bologna Marathon 2022


What feedback did you get from fans and sportsmen, after having brought the marathon back to Bologna after 25 years?

In the city it was truly a party beyond the race: the event was very much felt. It was very exciting for all the runners, certainly even more so for those in the area, but many also came from outside Bologna and from outside the Region. Among other things, not much publicity had been made, because it came precisely from a postponement, after we had also lost a lot of resources.

This year the project is to play in advance, by contacting various organizations, other marathons even abroad. In short, it is obvious that starting earlier it takes more time and more effort, but what interests us is the final result, that is, that the event grows.

Let's talk a little about Cinzia Ceccolini, how did you approach organizing the event?

I state that in life I am a lawyer. I love to call myself a "runner lawyer", because I love running! Running came into my life at a delicate moment; I started running to be able to eat and get into those pants that just didn't want to fit in and then I never abandoned it. I just couldn't do without it.

So I started to combine running with another great passion of mine that has always accompanied me, charity. So over time I started organizing the first conferences and sporting events. For example, I collaborated in the "Run Challenge" initiative, which was born in Milan with Silvia Parente, a Paralympic athlete: I help organize volunteers and together we decided to bring this event also to Bologna. In short, sport kept me company at a time when I was freer and so I rolled up my sleeves to make it become something that could be totally integrated into my life, combining it with this other passion.

How do i get to the Bologna Marathon? It happened that, last September, the President of Bologna Marathon asked me to help her with the organization. I helped at the first event and now we continue to collaborate for future events as well. 


Cinzia Ceccolini Maratona


What aspect of the Bologna Marathon are you dealing with?

I look for sponsorships and take care of the appearance of the volunteers. Now I am also following the promotion also with the various agencies and with the other marathons. I do a lot of networking in general, so what I can think of useful I put it into practice.

What was it like organizing this long-awaited event?

It was very nice, because the team worked in synergy and joy. It has always breathed a good climate. It was very stimulating, because both in the team and among the volunteers there was truly a harmony, an energy, a desire to do very beautiful. I was really surprised by the volunteers, who did not spare themselves at all. Then Gianni Morandi arrived at the start by surprise, but the marathon was very well attended in general, by the Bolognese and not.


Bologna Marathon 2022


How was the Marathon structured this year? Can we have some previews for the next edition?

The marathon arrives in Piazza Maggiore while the bibs retire to the Paladozza, which is the Palazzo dello Sport in Bologna. In October, two days before the event, an entertainer organized several talks, including the presentation of the book "Corri" by Roberto Di Sante. We assure our sportsmen agreements with restaurants and hotels, to welcome them in the best possible way. We are always available to meet special needs, to allow the best outcome of the event, as well as the well-being of athletes. In March 2023 there will be an Expo, a real Marathon Village, where you can access to participate in the entertainment that will be organized in the previous days.

Registration is already open for next year for the Bologna Marathon in March 2023, why this choice?

Let's say that many athletes register early because at the end of September there is an increase in the registration fee and therefore many runners who decide to schedule it tend to buy tickets in advance, to save money.

If you also had to advertise the event through this article to invite athletes to register, what would you say?

There is not only the race, but a series of side events, which I cannot yet reveal to you now. We will give runners several services, coordinating with local realities such as Bologna Welcome, museums and with discounts around the city.

What can you tell us about the Bologna Marathon Trail event instead?

The Bologna Marathon Trail takes place in May, but the organizers are the same as the Bologna Marathon. It is the second year held and developed in the context of the Villaggio della Salute, in Monterenzio, on the hills of the Bolognese Apennines. It was built in this very beautiful context because it is a well-kept, perfect, very clean village, with many swimming pools, a wellness center, and the path winds through the gullies, the place is beautiful.


Bologna Marathon Trail


Have you had the opportunity to try SPORTLAB MILANO products?

I was particularly surprised by the COOLDOWN CREAM. I liked it a lot because it has a pleasant scent compared to many similar products and does not freeze the legs, it lightens them. I liked it very much and would recommend it.

Have you had any feedback from athletes on SPORTLAB MILANO products?

All the winning athletes received a box from SPORTLAB MILANO as a gift. Everyone was very attracted to the SPORT CASE which, being hermetic, has been very successful, and in general they have been very impressed by the care of the packaging and the search for sustainability.


So we of the SPORTLAB MILANO Team just have to advise you and send you directly to the dedicated page of the COOLDOWN CREAM and SPORTCASE to make sure of the feedback from Cinzia and the sportsmen.