sportcare: warmup cream crema preparatoria per muscoli e tendini Sportlab Milano

Physical exercise: training reduces the risk of getting sick

Physical exercise is a fundamental tool for our life, capable of increasing our well-being.

Training your body is a real panacea for health.
In this article we will highlight the many positive effects of sport that will push you to move more.

Sport extends life, science says so

The WHO (the World Health Organization) highlights that physical inactivity is the fourth reason for death in the world. The numerous scientific studies speak for themselves: regular physical activity promotes a healthy lifestyle, with significant benefits on the person's general health.

At all ages, regular even moderate physical activity contributes to improving the quality of life; in fact, sport affects the state of health and the psychic sphere.

As for health, physical exercise reduces blood pressure, has obvious benefits for the muscular and skeletal system; it also controls the blood sugar level, positively modulates blood cholesterol, helps prevent metabolic and cardiovascular diseases.

It also acts in a profound way on the mind: it reduces the symptoms of anxiety, stress, depression and loneliness.

Physical activity, preferably aerobic, does not necessarily have to be intense: to be physically active, simple movements that are part of daily life, such as walking, dancing, cycling, are sufficient.

sportcare: warmup cream crema preparatoria per muscoli e tendini Sportlab Milano

Physical activity even in winter: yes or no?

Yes, obviously: staying active all year round decreases the chances of contracting respiratory infections. It is essential to stay active even in winter: a research on the relationship between exercise and airway disease has shown that aerobic activities help reduce the chances of getting sick in the winter.

Not only that, when colds or flu appear, the duration and severity of symptoms are 40% lower in subjects who exercise five times a week than in those who lead a sedentary lifestyle.

It is not necessary to overdo it with physical activity. WHO advises healthy adults to achieve a minimum of 150 minutes per week of moderate physical activity. A walk in the warmest hours, a jog or a bike ride can reduce the

mood disorders due to the decrease in daylight hours, as well as to counteract seasonal ailments such as flu and colds.

Winter sports in safety

However, we must act with caution: we evaluate our physical and climatic conditions before engaging in physical activity in the cold months. The cold has a vasoconstricting effect, therefore with low temperatures the risk of trauma and injury increases.

The moment of warm-up is therefore essential: as we have already said in previous articles, it is necessary to bring muscles and tendons to the right temperature before starting any physical activity outdoors. In this, SportLab Milano preparatory products can help you, designed to prepare the body for any physical activity: the warming cream WARMUP CREAM it acts quickly after application, promoting subcutaneous metabolism and producing a delicate and lasting sensation of warming without reddening the skin.

At the end of each workout, be it outdoors or in the gym, don't forget to cool down and relax your muscles, walking calmly but always staying in motion.

So it is clear, to live well you must always play sports: all that remains is to move, run and walk every day, even when it is winter.