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Sport and the use of cosmetic products

Does the use of cosmetics affect performance?

In sports, the use of cosmetics can have a double nature: it is necessary for sports that require it, but it can also be used to increase one's self-esteem and consequently the determination with which one faces a competition or a simple workout in the gym. .

For some disciplines, such as artistic gymnastics or synchronized swimming, it becomes part of the performance itself. For sports that require its use, make-up is essential to emphasize the facial expressions of the athletes, a parameter carefully evaluated by the jury, who observes the intensity of the exercise from a distance.

The use of beauty products during sports competitions can also increase self-confidence: seeing oneself cared for and attractive brings confidence and grit and can contribute to the success of the performance.

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Beauty in sport: a valid help for the skin

In previous articles we have emphasized the importance of warming up to prepare the muscles; in the same way, the skin must be prepared for physical activity. Therefore, beauty becomes essential for athletes: the use of soothing or anti-fatigue creams and products is a must to take care of your skin during physical activity.

For lovers of outdoor jogging, the use of products that contain a sun protection factor is essential. SportLab Milano has studied for this ACTIVESUN30, a sunscreen containing a complex of active ingredients specially developed for the treatment of skin stressed by UV rays. Its composition neutralizes free radicals that damage skin cells thus effectively preventing the onset of damage from UV rays.

Exercising also means exposing yourself to the aggressions of agents from which the skin must be protected. Cold and bad weather must be shielded with a barrier effect cream; once the activity is finished, it is also possible to restore the balance of the skin through the use of a very moisturizing cream. Even those who practice water sports are not exempt from some risks for the skin, especially if it is very delicate. Chlorine, in fact, tends to dry out skin and hair very much, which for this reason must be shielded with a barrier effect cream.

How to take care of the skin after physical activity?

As we have seen, whether they are professionals or sports enthusiasts, once training is finished it is therefore essential to take care of your skin.

After sport, a regenerating hot shower accompanied by the use of the right products will certainly give relief to your skin.

The use of soothing and moisturizing products restores the hydrolipidic film of the facial skin, while refreshing and regenerating creams are essential for relieving the sense of fatigue on legs and feet.

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To accompany sportsmen after training, SportLab Milano has created two products specifically designed to relieve the sense of fatigue that follows sports activity:

COOLDOWN CREAM relaxes and regenerates tired muscles and tendons, acts as an antioxidant and gives a feeling of relief.

FEET RELAX, applied to the calves, ankles and feet, relieves and nourishes the skin, guarantees a repairing action and gives a pleasant sensation of freshness.

So after sport, take some time for a hot shower and take care of your skin: a pleasant relief will follow!