sportcare: creme ed accessori per lo sport

What's in a sports bag?

If exercising is good for the body, a well-equipped gym bag makes us feel good and immediately puts us in the best possible condition for great results. It doesn't matter if you are an athlete or an enthusiast, what you need is a well-equipped bag for training.

But what is in a sports bag?

The perfect bag for the gym: how to choose and prepare it?

Regardless of the sporting activity that will be carried out, it is essential to choose a practical bag: it must contain everything you need to play sports.

But how to choose the right bag? We recommend a bag with multiple compartments: a specific pocket for shoes, one for storing the clothes to be washed and a central one for everything else. So how to prepare the bag before a workout? In this article we will show you what you just can't do without.

Shoes, technical garments and accessories

The first thing to put in the bag is the towel: one for the shower and a smaller one to place on the exercise equipment, in order to avoid coming into contact with the surface.

We know, taking sneakers to the gym is obvious, but comfortable shoes designed specifically for exercise make a difference in performance. A pair of training shoes with shock absorbing sole is therefore necessary, which gives support and protection to the knees and back.

The outfit also makes the difference: breathable technical garments will help us to be comfortable at all times during training. In addition, a change in the bag is always convenient: after a shower, wear clean clothes and store those to be washed in a dedicated compartment of the bag.

As we have said in previous articles, during physical activity it is necessary to let the skin breathe; for this the hair must be kept away from the face, in order to avoid a stagnation of sweat on the forehead. For this SportLab Milano has studied SPORTBAND, a highly breathable elastic band. It is ideal to accompany you in any physical activity: the elastic fabric adapts well to the face and the particular texture with micro holes retains the sweat allowing the skin to breathe.

sportcare accessori e creme preparatorie per l'allenamento sportlab milano

The beauty case

Having technical garments and ad hoc accessories at your disposal therefore ensures comfort and improves performance; the same goes for beauty products.

The choice of products is fundamental: if you choose them well, they guarantee hydration and freshness throughout the training. In addition to beauty products, there are also products to be used pre and post sport: the former facilitate heating, such as WARMUP CREAM of SportLab Milano, while the post-sport ones accompany the body after physical activity, such as COOLDOWN CREAM.

In the gym it is therefore necessary to have the best products available; a well-stocked beauty case with the right products is what we need in the dressing room. For this SportLab Milano has studied SPORTCASE, a cosmetic bag designed for physical activity: it consists of a single compartment accessible from a convenient central opening and has a practical side handle. Essential for storing and carrying everything you need in the gym, swimming pool or on the go.

We also put the slippers and the necessary for the shower in the bag; SPORTCASE it is also fantastic for the shower because it is waterproof: thanks to the heat-sealed seams and the waterproof zipper it offers maximum protection to its contents.

Let's not forget to put a bottle full of water in the bag: during training you tend to lose a lot of fluids that must be immediately replenished. Always bring a snack too, it will be useful to recharge your batteries and tackle your training in the best possible way!