Benedetta Coliva e la corsa, una passione che ha messo le ali.

Benedetta Coliva and running, a passion that has given wings.

We had the pleasure of interviewing Benedetta Coliva, winner of the 30Km in the last edition of the Bologna Marathon and our Ambassador!

Very young runner, Benedetta at 21 is already achieving great results in various national competitions. 

Here's what he told us…

The newspaper La Repubblica defines you as a rising star and we can only agree. How do you feel about having this nickname?


Surely it's very impressive to be called that, it's certainly a huge pleasure. 
For now, however, I would like to keep my feet on the ground and live my dreams one at a time.
The road is still very long, I want to be patient and not rush!


Benedetta Coliva Gara


Every time you reach the end of the finish line, in all the photos you've been portrayed in so far you express crazy strength, what do you think about the last few meters and then the finish line itself?

While running I feel light, free, strong and carefree. These emotions are so strong that my body probably lets them through, without filters, even externally.

When I get to the finish line I feel an indescribable emotion, an immense joy, it's like seeing all the work, the preparation and above all the passion I have accomplished.


Benedetta Coliva con coppa in mano


At what age did you start? 

I started when I was about 14. I ran for the pleasure of running, without a watch, without time and without constraints. And that's kind of what I still do today, my goal has remained to enjoy the run, detaching my head from everyday life and completely immersing myself in training or marathons.

What are the first challenges you faced? 

My first race was in the mountains, I ran the Dolomites Saslong Half Marathon, getting an unexpected result. I still remember the strong emotions and tears of joy in my eyes once I arrived, the finish line seemed like a dream to me. From there my wonderful adventure began.

What prompted you to take on marathons?

I decided to run my first marathon in Pisa because distance is my strong point, I've always done many kilometers, by the sea, in the mountains, in the city and it doesn't scare me. 
Time goes by itself, I just take one step after another. Difficulties almost certainly come, but I don't lack the strength to face them.

What would you recommend to a young girl who is approaching this sport for the first time? What are the tricks you would give her? 

My advice is to follow your passion as much as possible. The essential thing is to run and be happy with what you do and above all to run for the pleasure of running without fear. If you pursue your passion by doing what you love, you can go far.

You approached SPORTLAB MILANO out of curiosity and we took the opportunity to include you in our group of Ambassadors. 

What are the "never again" products?

Definitely never again without it WARMUP CREAM. It has become essential for my winter training in the cold, it allows me to better face my intense sessions by preparing my muscles in the best possible way and keeping them warm. 

Also I love the POWER SHOWER, after training he manages to regenerate body and head, a more than deserved cuddle!


Benedetta Coliva con in mano prodotto di Sportlab Milano


What will your next challenge be?

In these days we will then define the programs for this summer to prepare for the autumn and winter season. Finally, in June, I will return to my mountains and run the Dolomites Saslong Half Marathon again.

Good luck to Benedetta, we can't wait to see her reach other goals with the grit that distinguishes her!