Dalla corsa su strada al trail, tra tante difficoltà e altrettante soddisfazioni.  Le sfide di Giorgio Pulcini.

From running to trail running, among many difficulties and just as many satisfactions. The challenges of Giorgio Pulcini.

You have participated in two major competitions, to which trailrunners aspire, Tor des Géants and UTMB, what was it like to participate?

All the "ultra", even the less known and noble ones, always bring with them a whirlwind of emotions, which start from the preparation phases, up to the moment in which the finish line is crossed. Not all of them are positive emotions, there are often really difficult moments. But it is precisely facing and overcoming these large and small difficulties that makes the journey even more special and makes us aware of all the strength and determination we have within us.


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What best memory of the competitions you participated in?

Crossing the finish line is always the best moment... when my wife and daughters are waiting for me, it's even more so!

Okkei, now let's take a small step back, when and how was your passion for running born?

I've always been sporty, but until a few years ago my main passion was cycling, especially MTB. I have had a long time love-hate relationship with running and have started (and stopped), several times, running. Then at the beginning of 2013 I set myself the goal of running a marathon, that of Florence, in less than 3 hours. I missed the target by a few seconds, but I haven't stopped since.


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What was it like to go from running to trail running?

Given my passion for the mountains and my background in mountain biking, the transition from road racing to trail running was a natural consequence. Since I discovered that there were races of over 100km around the mountains, I understood that this was my way.

How do you explain that the trail is becoming more and more passionate about sports in recent years?

Most of us spend most of our lives locked up within 4 walls and live in big cities. It seems right to me that at least in one's free time one tries as much as possible to find contact with nature which is in our DNA.


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And the future? What are your projects? Are you approaching a new sport?

In recent months I have found myself participating in a couple of road marathons and the first goal of 2023 will be the London marathon. During the year I will participate in the Lavaredo Ultra Trail and the Tor des Geants in the 130km "short" version. Since my first passion was cycling, sooner or later I'd like to try to participate in an Ironman Triathlon race, but who knows... maybe it will remain just a dream!


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We've been collaborating for a while now, which is or are the SPORTLAB MILANO products you can't do without?

The WARMUP CREAM & COOLDOWN CREAMombination is certainly irreplaceable to support preparation and recovery in the most intense workouts. But FEET RELAX is also one of the products I use the most, I often use it in the days before ultra to keep my skin soft and hydrated for the prevention of blisters and redness. And after spending hours in dust and mud it's a real panacea...

We just have to thank Giorgio for having dedicated some time to us. Best of luck for the London Marathon!