Allenati all’aria aperta, ma proteggiti!

Train outdoors, but protect yourself!

Shorts, a breathable T-shirt, sneakers and your outdoor training can begin! Or maybe not?

There is no better thing than exercising outdoors. Just think that on a bright and sunny day serotonin, the hormone of good mood, skyrockets making us feel more charged, more concentrated and much happier.

However, we often forget the power of the sun and its negative consequences on the health of our skin.


From the studies of doctors Ron Clijsen, André O. Barel, and Peter Clarys contained in the book "Handbook of Cosmetic Science and Technology" it emerges that exposure to the sun can increase the risk of developing basal cell carcinoma and skin melanoma.

In fact, the data collected during their research reveals that for athletes who train outdoors, such as tennis players, cyclists, marathon runners and swimmers, the minimum values, below which the risk of rashes is almost nil, have already been widely exceeded in the first training time!


Atleta utilizza active sun


Furthermore, the damage that UV rays cause to the skin is permanent because it attacks skin cells and DNA. In fact, premature aging of the skin is often found. Moreover, unprotected exposure can lead to an overproduction of melatonin, a direct cause of hyper/hypopigmentation, i.e. the formation of dark or light sunspots on the skin. If the latter can disappear together with a tan or be cured in the most serious/persistent cases, aging can only be prevented using the foresight to always protect yourself!

Therefore, despite the now established and well-known health risks, sunscreen is often an annoying and abandoned "accessory" in some bag for the beach.



So just spread a sunscreen just before going out?


Active Sun 3


It would already be a good step to take care of your skin, but sweat, water and clothes reduce protection to a minimum already after the first hour. To effectively protect yourself from UV rays, you need to reapply the cream several times during your training session.

“Yes, but then I feel like my skin is greasy and sticky”

There is a solution to this too. We at SPORTLAB MILANO have created the ACTIVE SUN 30, a sunscreen designed to protect the skin from UV rays during all outdoor sports. Thanks to the action of CELLIGENT® and HYDAGEN® AQUAPORIN, your skin will be protected and hydrated without dripping or greasing. Furthermore, thanks to DEFENSIL®-PLUS you will obtain a soothing and anti-inflammatory effect, restoring the skin barrier and protecting the skin subjected to sun exposure.

Even Giulia Toti, Italian Beach Volleyball champion confirms that “Despite the sweat and sand, ACTIVE SUN 30 does not drip, does not make me burn, stays on the skin for a long time and is not greasy.” 

Giulia is certainly not the only one among our Ambassadors to always carry the ACTIVE SUN 30  with her, even the Troiani Twins, Corinna Dentoni and Leppe can no longer do without it


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Enjoy all the benefits of the sun and don't forget to take care of your skin!