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Before and After sport products: What are the benefits?


For an athlete it is essential to take care of its body before, during and after training. For this reason SportLab Milano has decided to use the term “Sportcare”,  a new term that comes from the union of the words "sport" and “skincare”, which means and emphasizes the importance for an athlete's body daily care.

How important is the warm-up for an athlete?

In previous articles we have emphasized the importance of warming up, essential for increasing concentration, improving performance and decreasing the risk of injury.

The warm-up, which consists in preparing the body for the effort it will  make, is supported by the use of the WARMUP CREAM, the warming cream that prepares muscles and tendons for training.

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Especially in winter, when outdoor sports are practiced in a harsh climate, it is essential to warm up the muscles well. The WARMUP CREAM acts quickly  after applying it, producing a delicate and durable warming  subcutaneous feeling, without reddening the skin.The useof WARMUP CREAM 10 minutes before physical activity favors the blood supply to the muscles, speeding up the warm up process.

And after training?

Once you finished training, it is important to take the time you need to perform cool-down exercises; SportLab Milano has specially designed some products to accompany your body after any physical activity.

After sport, it is essential to take care of muscles and tendons fatigued by s physical exertion. Constant and sustained physical activity can, in fact, cause muscle soreness and fatigue, increasing the risk of inflammation and tendinitis.

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After the shower, the application of COOLDOWN CREAM relaxes and regenerates tired muscles and tendons giving a pleasant feeling of relief. To fight the feeling of fatigue in legs and feet, use the FEET RELAX cream, which gives a pleasant sensation of freshness.

Starting from the warm-up up to cooling down the muscles, Sportcareit is therefore essential for the routine of all athletes of any level.

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