Ogni quanto cambiare allenamento secondo l'OMS

How often you need to change training according to WHO

Exercise can increase the quality of life: to stay healthy, the WHO (World Health Organization) recommends moderate physical activity for at least two and a half hours a week.

However, those who pursue a goal, whether it's gaining muscle mass, endurance or weight reduction, should train more - experts say three or four workouts a week are appropriate.


But how often do you change your training program?

In order for a workout to be effective for achieving a goal, it is necessary to change the stimuli often. There is no general rule, but trainers say it is advisable to keep a training schedule for about 8 weeks, after which it is preferable to change the exercises or their intensity. In fact, our body gets used to the stimuli we provide it: for this reason it is good to go and modify the training to "deceive" it with different stresses. In this way, our body will automatically try to put in place mechanisms to cope with these new difficulties, which for us will translate into improvements.

In fact, the mechanical repetition of an exercise ends up accustoming the muscle to the same work. This leads to a stalemate that does not allow to stimulate neither definition nor muscle strength. 

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 The three phases of a training program

We can therefore identify the three phases that characterize a training program:

In the first phase, that is the moment in which new exercises are performed, the movement creates a shock in the muscles, as it receives a new stimulus. At this stage, pain increases while physical performance decreases.

In the second phase, the body adapts to the physical stress of training and physical performance begins to increase.

In the third and last phase, however, the training begins to become less effective, as the body has adapted to the external stimulus and stagnates in the results achieved.

Maintaining the same workout: pros and cons

Some disciplines require the constant use of the same training; yoga is one of them. We work on known positions, eliminating the sense of novelty at each lesson, and we focus on feeling, on understanding how the body reacts differently to the same stimuli every day.

However, like all things, using the same training involves pros and cons, which we will analyze in the next steps.

Repeating the same sequence can be reassuring and let the athlete enter a comfort zone, in which he focuses on improving execution, awareness and control of the body.

So the advantages of always keeping the same workout could be:

- awareness: the in-depth knowledge of the exercises and their execution brings the sportsman into a state of tranquility, as he knows perfectly the reaction of his body to the stimuli

- the time to devote to sport: the usual series of exercises has a certain duration, which probably fits perfectly into the sportsman's days, allowing him to dedicate the right amount of time to physical activity

Repeating the same sequence of exercises can certainly be reassuring, but there are a few reasons why it may not be the ideal choice.

- boredom: having to repeat the same sequence could make you lose motivation at least in part, and maintaining enthusiasm is essential to put all your energy into making the work effective

- muscle stress: repeating a single workout may not give some muscle groups time to rest as they should. Better to alternate training and work different muscles

- stall: the muscles could get used to the effort they are subjected to and the usefulness and effectiveness of the exercises could decrease

Change training to achieve goals

Variety is therefore necessary and useful for the body and mind to continue to train consistently and to obtain improvements. 

8 weeks seems to be the correct period to reach the last phase and start thinking about another workout. In any case, every sport and every sportsman are unique; therefore, it is essential to discuss with an expert, who will surely be able to advise you on the right strategy to achieve your goals. 

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After sport, therefore, take some time for a hot shower and to take care of your skin: a pleasant relief will follow!

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