Davide Camicioli si divide tra presentatore sportivo e triatleta!

Davide Camicioli juggles between sports presenter and triathlete!

We had the pleasure of interviewing Davide Camicioli, sports presenter, triathlete and not least our supporter!

Davide juggles between work and his greatest passion, sport. He was lucky enough to transform his passion for any type of physical activity into his profession. Ready to find out more?

Have you always been physically active? What sports have you done?

From the age of 5, I have never stopped playing sports. I have always tried to diversify, but every sport I have practiced has always thrilled me.
The list is long, but in addition to running, biking and swimming, essential elements for participating in Triathlon competitions.

I also practiced swimming, soccer, skiing, body building, boxing.
Traveling a lot, I have always had the curiosity to know the depths of the places where I was on vacation, so I also got passionate about snorkeling.

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You are also a Triathlete, what excites you about this sport?

A single sport was not enough for me. The triathlon is complete, practicing three sports (running, cycling and swimming) I never get bored. It continually gives me stimuli, encouraging me to always improve.
In addition, he taught me accuracy and organization even in life. Two fundamental aspects to achieve the goals I set myself for the races.
I train 6 days a week, which is why I always need to be organized.
It helps me to improve myself, to overcome my limits, I am not a professional, but I have always seen every sport I have played, as well as a fun, a help and an incentive to strengthen myself.
It also happens that I don't want to train, but it has become an integral part of my routine, that out of a sense of duty, I never skip my workouts. 

Do you rely on professionals for your workouts?

My work is not repetitive but I often change hours and consequently my training changes according to the working hours. I am fortunate to be followed by Ivan Risti,  that helps me daily in creating a training plan built specifically for me and that changes if my work needs do not allow me to complete the planned training.

How much does being followed by professionals help you?

Of course, by relying on professionals, such as physiotherapists, coaches, I help my body not to go under too much stress.  In order to avoid having contractures and injuries of various kinds.

Are you currently training for future races?

Yes, I'm training for the 70.3 in Copenhagen the 26/06, then the Granfondo Pinarello on 10 July and then on 70.3 in Cervia. These are the things already planned, even if I never feel ready.
The race is always the result of training, I am confident in achieving my goal to get to Cervia and improve last year’s time.

You are presenter of SkySPORT and Tv8 what do you like about your job?  

I like almost everything, I like to tell and comment on events, deepen the news and deal with sports to discover stories, because in every sport there are stories to discover, of falls and of people who get up and then win, sport is part of the my life and therefore it seems quite fun to tell these things.

Davide Camicioli, sky sport e TV8

How do you combine your work with training? 

At the beginning I had so many difficulties, I underestimated the commitment, the races.
In triathlon, as in all competitions, if you are not trained you suffer, if you are not organized well and you do not have consistency in the preparation you do not get results. Sometimes the journalist is tempted to criticize athletes, but you have to try a sport to understand what athletes feel and experience.  

Sport is sacrifice and beauty. 

How important is taking care of your body for the performance of your sports activities? 

It is essential, by taking care of my body we also mean rest, nutrition and hours of sleep, it is a lifestyle, a bit sad for some but that's okay with me. Then it doesn't mean that if I go to a restaurant I don't eat sweets, but I give myself rules, that's what triathlon taught me too.

How did you insert SportLab Milano products into your daily life? 

The preparatory cream it is essential, because no one starts with a minimum of warm-up, especially in the winter period the pre-workout cream is fantastic, it does not burn, it does not stink, so they are supporting me in the best possible way.

We of the SportLab Milano team thank Davide for sharing his passion for sport and we will continue to support and cheer for him!