13 Ottobre 2024 | NEAPOLIS MARATHON

October 13, 2024 | NEAPOLIS MARATHON

We are excited to announce again this year our participation as a technical sponsor in the Neapolis Marathon 2024 , which will be held on October 13th in Naples !

This collaboration allows us to support all runners, from participants to pacers, in one of the most anticipated and evocative marathons on the Italian calendar.

The Neapolis Marathon is an event that combines passion, tradition and a breathtaking route that runs through the heart of Naples.

For info and registration, visit Neapolis Marathon

We are proud to be alongside the official Marathon pacers and runners again this year, with single doses of the inevitable WARMUP CREAM and COOLDOWN CREAM present in the race bags , for maximum support in muscle preparation and recovery.

Our single-dose creams are designed to be practical and effective , easy to take with you during the event and perfect for immediate use. WARMUP CREAM promotes muscle activation, reducing the risk of injury and improving performance, COOLDOWN CREAM helps in muscle recovery, relieving tension and fatigue, for an immediate feeling of freshness.

We look forward to supporting you along the way and sharing this amazing experience with you.

Have a good run everyone and see you in Naples ! πŸƒπŸΌβ€β™€οΈ