Wellbeing for muscles and feet after each workout

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The ideal product kit for the post-workout routine or after an intense walk in the mountains.

COOLDOWN CREAM takes care of muscles and tendons, promoting their recovery thanks to the decontracting action of Arnica, the draining properties of Escin and the calming effect of Ylang Ylang Essential Oil. FEET RELAX , on the other hand, is designed to rehydrate and nourish tired feet with Shea Butter and Vitamin E, refreshing them thanks to Peppermint Essential Oil. The MASSAGE BALL completes the kit, ideal for an intense self-massage aimed at the most tired areas of the body.

ideal for

Running, Trail Running, Triathlon, Cycling, Hiking, Tennis, Padel, Gym, Endurance, Aerobic and Anaerobic Sports

COOLDOWN & FEET - SportLab Milano
COOLDOWN & FEET - SportLab Milano
COOLDOWN & FEET - SportLab Milano
COOLDOWN & FEET - SportLab Milano

Products contained in the box


Relax and regenerate your muscles and tendons after each workout or competition, reducing recovery time before the next session.

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Pamper your feet after a workout or competition. Feet Relax repairs, rehydrates and refreshes them after physical activity, offering immediate relief to tired feet.

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Perform a deep self-massage after each workout or competition. Perfect for releasing tension and muscle knots in hard-to-reach areas. Ideal for feet, neck, hips, legs, shoulders and arms.

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Frequent questions

Are the products suitable for all skin types?

Yes, our formulations have been carefully designed to minimize the risk of skin irritation and inflammation. We use ingredients carefully selected for their effectiveness and gentleness on the skin, ensuring they are suitable for even the most sensitive skin.

Are the products suitable for children?

Yes, our products are formulated with extreme delicacy and are also suitable for children's skin. We use ingredients carefully selected for their delicacy and effectiveness, taking care to avoid potentially harmful substances.

Can I bring the products on the plane?

Yes, almost all of our products are in travel size with contents less than or equal to 100 ml. However, please note that massage oils, power shower and power lotion exceed 100ml and may not be suitable for carriage in the cabin.