WARM & COOL Travel Kit: la #sportcare routine sempre con te, anche in viaggio

WARM & COOL Travel Kit: the #sportcare routine always with you, even when travelling

With summer just around the corner, it's time to think about travel and vacations. For athletes and sportspeople, these occasions often represent a unique opportunity to compete and experience new adventures, even far from home.

But whether it's short weekends away or trips overseas, maintaining your sportscare routine can become a challenge! Especially when traveling by plane, where carefully selecting the various bottles to bring in your suitcase is crucial.

To meet those who are always on the move, we have launched the brand new WARM & COOL Travel Kit , designed for athletes of all ages who don't want to give up taking care of their passion during holidays. Say goodbye to pouring your favorite products into smaller tubes!

The package, produced in Italy with recycled paper, contains 8 single doses of WARMUP CREAM and COOLDOWN CREAM . The WARMUP CREAM is designed to promote the activation of muscles and tendons, while the COOLDOWN CREAM is ideal for speeding up recovery after physical activity.

WARM & COOL Travel Kit in the routine of our ambassadors

Our ambassadors who are always out and about between training and competitions can no longer do without it!

Benedetta Coliva, marathon runner and SportLab Team athlete, says: “The Travel Kit is a truly super find! Very convenient for traveling and especially for competitions and gatherings outside the home 🔝.”

Rossella Palini, ultra trail runner and member of our team, adds: “I find it super comfortable! I can put the single-dose ones in my bag, in my beauty bag, in my suitcase, and always have them at hand when I go to races or training.”

How to Purchase the WARM & COOL Travel Kit

The travel kit can be purchased on our website at the price of €24. We also offer a " Double Pack " version with 50% discount on the second pack, for a total price of €36, which allows you to have free shipping throughout Italy.

Don't let travel interrupt your exercise routine. With WARM & COOL Travel Kit you will always have the products you need to take care of your muscles and tendons, wherever you go.

Find out more and buy your kit today on our website!