Sunday 12 November 2023 returns to Ravenna la CRAFT MARATHON OF RAVENNA CITY OF ART , one of the most important national running events.

Entered in the network of marathons sponsored by UNESCO, every year the race attracts runners and companions to the city to spend a weekend full of sport, culture and tourism.

From competitive races like the Marathon ( 42.195 km ) and the Half Marathon ( 21.097 km ) to non-competitive ones like the Good Morning Ravenna ( 10.5km ), the Family Run ( 2km ), the Dogs&Run ( 2km ) and the Running Without Borders ( 3 km ), there are several routes scheduled, some of which the day before the official event.

The routes all develop within the city, with the exception of the Long Marathon which goes as far as the gates of Punta Marina Terme, touching the Unesco monuments and crossing the historic center for a dive into Byzantine history.

SPORTLAB MILANO is also this year's Technical Partner of the event by supporting all the runners taking part before and after the race who will find the single-dose kit with the WARMUP CREAM - to prepare muscles and tendons before the competition - and the COOLDOWN CREAM - to relax muscles and tendons after the race - in the official race bag of the event. Also this year there will also be a pre and post race massage area which will host ours professional massage oils specially designed to prepare and relax runners and all sportsmen.

In addition, the winners will receive a SPORT BOX containing a selection of SPORTLAB MILANO products.

We hope many of you will come!